Beijing Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony

I haven’t watched it from start to finish, but I just had a quick whizz through of the Beijing Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony. Truth be told, I didn’t see much to get my analytical or critical juices flowing, although I’d just like to point one thing out: does it not strike anyone as odd that, apart from Chinese, the main language being used is English? Why is English now so prominent? They may have used a smattering of French (I suspect due to IOC rules) but all the speeches were delivered using English, the signs were english etc. As I was saying here a couple of entries ago, English seems to be becoming ubiquitous, so that it dominates international events like the Olympics, even in places as far flung as China. While that might work to my advantage given English is the only language I understand, to see one tongue becoming so dominant to the exclusion of all others is surely a bit of a shame.

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