Forrest Valkai

Ages ago, when I started blogging, I used to occasionally write entries on the Evolution/creationism debate. It was a subject which really got me worked up and I wanted to have my say in it. I stopped writing about it on here when my brother Luke pointed out that there were far more knowledgable people writing on the subject, and perhaps I should concentrate my ramblings on things which affected me personally, or which I had personal knowledge of. Luke was right, of course, but it is an issue which has never stopped fascinating me: the evidence for evolution is utterly overwhelming, so how can so many people refuse to acknowledge it, and insist that everyone is taught the myths in a two-thousand year old book instead? I find it baffling. I would be content to ignore these nutcases, of course, but what concerns me most is that they appear to be gaining power, particularly in America. Yesterday evening I came across this fascinating Youtube channel run by an American biology teacher. He takes creationist Youtube videos and goes through them, point by point, explaining why the original vids make no sense. He clearly knows what he’s talking about, but I thought it worth flagging up on here because it shows how worryingly distorted certain aspects of american society have become: It seems like they will stop at nothing to ensure their religion dominates over all other views, and that they are becoming more and more aggressive and extreme. I think we should find this very concerning, particularly given how reactionary and conservative they are too. At least certain Americans, like Forrest Valkai, are trying to hold them in check.

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