A Cinema Is A Physical Place

Excuse me, but I really need to get this off my chest. Cinemas are physical places, not television channels. A TV channel which airs films does not have the right to call itself a cinema. If it does, it is being pretentious and understands nothing about either film or cinephilia. Cinemas are buildings; physical places we have to go out and enter into. They are dedicated to screening and consuming films: they have an aura about them (Bazin), a specific feeling you only experience when watching a film in a darkened auditorium. That is very different to watching a film when it’s aired on TV. Channels which title theirselves ‘cinema’ such as Sky Cinema clearly do so to try to claim some of the prestige of cinemas, or to fool the dopes who watch them that they’re having the same experience; when in fact paying Rupert Murdoch through the nose to watch films on your TV you could have seen months ago, doesn’t even come close to experiencing a film in a cinema.

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