What Can I Say?

Over the years I have felt it my duty as a blogger to pass comment on what is going on in the world. I like to give my opinion on current affairs. Today though, a new dark chapter began: something happened which I don’t feel able to comment on. What is now happening in Ukraine is utterly disturbing: war has returned to Europe for the first time in over seventy years. Yet I know as much about the situation as anyone. I can offer no special comment or analysis. It’s probably best, then, if I just continue my usual ramblings on my blog, and avoid trying to write about the unfolding emergency. If I do, however, please know that it’s not that I don’t care about what is now happening in Eastern Europe; I am simply as aghast as anyone else. After all, what could I possibly write which could have any impact or meaning, in the face of such folly?

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