Birth Of A Community

I just noticed something rather cheerful and encouraging. I now live on a newly-built road flanked by two rows of two storey flats. The road itself was developed only recently, and the buildings are less than three years old. This is thus a new community of neighbours, woven into the far older surrounding area. It’s the type of community which has a Facebook group, and a couple of days ago a hand-written list of upcoming community events was posted through my door. I was just coming back from a quick trip to Tesco, and my heart was warmed to notice how many of my neighbours now recognise me and either say ‘Hi’ or wave. It’s as if we’re getting to know one another and develop friendships. While I suspect it’s progress was slowed by the pandemic, it’s lovely to see this little area form it’s own spirit and sense of belonging. It feels great to be recognised by my neighbours and greeted as a friend, and I really hope this community continues to develop and flourish. After all, with all that is happening in the world at the moment, I think we could all do with a bit more friendship.

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