Using Fictional Words for All Too Real Events

This morning, during my ablutions, I said Vladamir Putin was a P’tahk. Serkan has never watched Star Trek, but has heard me use such words and knows where they come from. He said that he didn’t think I should use words from a made up language when talking about what is now happening in Ukraine – it’s far too serious an issue. He had a point, of course, but at the same time I think the word fit. Fictional though they may be, Klingons are a people of honour. Although it was never fully defined on the programme, when they called someone a ‘P’tahk’, it meant they thought they were disgraceful or verminous. I think we should all be appalled by what Putin is doing. Theres now a full-scale ground war in Europe. Thousands are fleeing. How the fuck can this be happening in 2022? Putin really is a disgrace to human civilisation: I can think of no words to describe what he is doing, so by calling him a P’tahk, I invoke the values of honour I see in Klingons. War-like they may be, but they would not invade a neighbouring country for no reason, or displace thousands of innocent, defenceless people – they would see no honour in such wonton acts. By using a word from their (artificial) language, I don’t want to make light of what is now happening; I want to reference the values I read in their fictional civilisation to express my absolute revolt at what is now going on.

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