Why There’s a Golf Ball in the Limehouse Cut

In two or three hundred years, when they drain and survey the Limehouse Cut canal, archaeologists might find a golf ball with a hole drilled into it. No doubt they will be puzzled: the spot was never anywhere near a golf course, and why did it have a hole in one side? For the sake of history, then, I would just like to record that I lost the ball trundling beside the canal today. The damn thing had already come off several times already, but until then I had been able to get it back. I was trying my best not to let it come off the control stick, but that last time, though, beside the Cut, about here, it rolled into the water and I lost it. It vanished into the dark water with a final ‘plop’. I was perfectly fine and so was my powerchair; it was just slightly uncomfortable to drive. Oh well, I suppose the only question now is, how to get another golf ball drilled?

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