The End of an Era

As a film fan it would be pretty negligent of me not to flag this up. Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo have just announced the end of their historic Friday afternoon film review show. “The pair have presented the show on the network for 21 years, but their last programme will air on Friday, 1 April.

“It has not yet been announced who will replace them, nor whether the duo plan to take the format to another station.

“But Mayo, who also presents a show on Greatest Hits Radio, indicated that the pair would return elsewhere.” As pretty much the decent, informed thing about film on the airwaves, this really is the end of an era. I remember, when I first heard it at uni, being quite dismissive of Kermode at first; but then the name Lacan cropped up, and the Good Doctor was asked to explain who Lacan was. From then on, I was satisfied that he knew what he was talking about. It’s sad to see this Friday afternoon staple come to an end. Mind you, what could be meant by ‘return elsewhere’ has me interested, although I really hope they haven’t sold out to one of the Beeb’s commercial pretenders.

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