Beijing Winter Paralympic Closing Ceremony

There isn’t much I feel I want to say about the Beijing Winter Paralympic Closing Ceremony. Having just watched it, there was nothing to get my teeth into really. It was shorter than usual, and I must say that, for a paralympic ceremony, I didn’t really see many performers with disabilities: for one, all of the musicians I saw appeared to be able bodied, which was disappointing.

Truth be told though, I’ve been too concerned about events in Ukraine to watch much sport recently, and it sort of crept under the radar. As I said about the opening ceremony a couple of weeks ago, sport is surely something which brings people together. It is a force for good in the world: opponents are not necessarily rivals or enemies. And yet, right now, such sentiments seem pretty pointless and futile when our news bulletins are full of images of suffering and destruction, and when a bald despotic nutcase seems intent on re-establishing a long faded empire at the cost of so much. While I still love global cultural events like the olympics, and am still enormously proud of what happened here in London in 2012, now doesn’t seem the time to be writing about ceremonies.

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