I better just avoid the subject

I suspect everyone might be expecting me to write something about certain comments made by a certain idiotic politician over the weekend, likening Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion to Brexit. But I’m not: I don’t want to comment on them, or even acknowledge that they were ever made. The fuckwit who made the comments is essentially likening those of us who oppose Brexit to Ukrainian traitors who side with Putin. How dare he? The scumbag must be booted from office immediately, simply for insulting the 48% of us who did not vote for Brexit so blatantly.

Writing anything more about these ridiculous comments would make me too furious; even the fact that the barely literate imbecile who made them has the audacity to think himself fit to be anything approaching our Prime Minister boils my blood. Thus I think I better just avoid the subject, for fear of damaging something.

On a far lighter note, remember to watch Then Barbara Met Alan, tonight, BBC2, 9PM. Should be awesome.

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