A Lack of Depth and Knowledge

I think the best thing I can do here today is flag this Owen Jones article up. In it, Jones furiously damns Boris Johnson as the privileged charlatan he unquestionably is: “If the phrase “educated beyond his intelligence” could sprout arms, legs and a contrived untidy mop, it would be [Johnson]. Oxbridge does not, unfortunately, lack his type: mediocre youngsters ensconced in privilege, whose pretentious vocabulary and unnecessary use of Latin disguises a lack of depth and knowledge.” Here we have a man who thinks political power was his birthright, and that the rules don’t apply to him just because of who he is. Today, the Met has issued twenty fines due to breaches in COVID rules at Ten Downing Street: while the rest of us were desperately trying to shelter from the pandemic, Johnson and his friends were partying as if the rest of us didn’t matter. I find that disgraceful, and if Johnson is allowed to remain in power after this, it would be nothing but an absolute insult.

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