Rees-Mogg Denies the Obvious

I realise that I shouldn’t just keep posting links to Youtube videos on here, but for anyone concerned with UK politics and the emerging catastrophe which is Brexit, I think this is worth listening to. It’s an analysis of an audio interview of Jacob Rees-Mogg broadcast on LBC, in which the Tory Toff tries to explain the tariffs and limits now imposed on the UK fishing industry as a direct result of Brexit as merely the EU trying to punish us for withdrawing from the block. Excuse me, but how stupid does the double-barrelled wankstain think we are? As the commentator behind the video points out, this was always going to be a consequence of Brexit: our fishing industry is now limited by the same rules the EU imposes on any non member, and the UK no longer had any say whatsoever in how those rules are set. Of course, Remain campaigners were saying this would happen from the very beginning – it’s bloody obvious – but what makes this video worth your attention is the degree to which Rees-Mogg tries to squirm and convince us to blame the nasty people in Brussels rather than the lying charlatans who took us out of the European Union for their own benefit. It’s as pathetic as it is sickening, and it pisses me off that we have liars like this running the country.

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