Lost Voice Guy Gets an Accent

I would just like to note that Lost Voice Guy, Lee Ridley, was on the Beeb’s post breakfast morning show this morning, telling everyone how his communication aid now has a Newcastle accent. It had been generated for him by sampling the voices of local men. Being from that area, it obviously meant a lot to him; Ridley explained how he didn’t like sounding too posh, and that he could now use local Geordie phrases. He had a point, of course. It reminded me of one of my very first university interviews: I was using an old-style Lightwriter at the time, and my future film Lecturer, Alan, asked me why I had an American accent. If you think about it, a lad born and brought up in cheshire talking like an American is quite strange. I suppose this is thus an issue all communication aid users face: either we are told we sound like an American or, worse still, accused of sounding like Stephen Hawking. (while Hawking is one of my heroes, it is a pretty silly stereotype you must admit). I’m glad to hear that one of the most widely known VOCA users has found his own solution, and has been given a chance to speak like the man he feels himself to be.

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