I better Just Stop Watching

I think we have reached the point where I better not watch anything to do with politics any more. Whenever a Tory politician appears on tv, I instantly feel an uncontrollable, burning rage so intense it scares me. Watching the lunchtime news earlier, I had to turn it off: the sight of Johnson and his cronies taking us all for fools was simply too much. Everyone knows that Johnson broke the law and should resign, but rather than admit it, he behaves as if power is his to do with as he pleases and his opinions outrank everyone else’s. I loathe those Tory charlatans with every fibre of my being, but what makes it worse is knowing that I can’t really do anything to call them to account. I can only watch as they lie their entitled, arrogant heads off. That’s what make me so furious, so I better just stop watching.

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