Dorries and Dyslexia

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries is now trying to claim she has a form of Dyslexia after being caught mixing up words. What utter bullshit. Dorries, like all tories is a moronic charlatan who, rather than admit she’s as thick as thick can be, is now claiming to have a neurological condition. What is being described in this article is nothing to do with dyslexia, but boils down to a limited linguistic ability; precisely the opposite of the knowledgable, world wise image of their selves the Tories want to present. This is quite a perverse, extreme example of what I call Cultural Intrusion. She cannot abide being shown to be anything other than the ultra-articulate master of the Symbolic she sees herself as, so she claims to have a disability. Frankly, the fact that someone so privileged and powerful would claim to be a member of a group her party has persecuted so wantonly in an effort to gain sympathy, rather than admit the obvious truth that she isn’t as clever as she wants everyone to think, is utterly depraved.

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