Is Putin Stable?

Thinking about Putin and Russia, you really have to wonder, just how warped and unstable does someone need to be to order your army to invade a sovereign country, completely unprovoked, and then try to argue that it is the rest of the world who are acting aggressively when we try to help that country defend itself? Not that I know any more about Putin than anyone else, but I really must say, the more I hear about him the less stable he seems. He is behaving like a dictator of old, clearly being needlessly aggressive yet portraying himself as the victim. He’s obviously mentally unwell but what worries me is that he’s now very very powerful. While his threats against the West might not amount to much, and Putin obviously thinks Russia holds much more sway over the world than it does, I think we should be very worried about what he’ll do next as his plans to dominate Eastern Europe become more and more strained and he becomes more and more desperate for some kind of victory. More to the point, though, is the question of what we can do to stop him.

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