Out Of My Mind

I came across some news recently which could turn into something very, very interesting indeed. Disney is currently working on a film whose central character is a communication user with Cerebral Palsy. Called Out Of My Mind, it will be an adaptation of a book by Sharon M. Draper and directed by Amber Sealey. Details are rather sketchy as yet, but the girl Disney has cast to play the central role is herself an AAC user with CP: the film is apparently going to focus on her as she struggles to get a decent education at a mainstream school. That, of course, is something many, many young people with disabilities have been through, so it will be fascinating to see how Disney handle it. I daresay this film has the potential to be quite revolutionary. Mind you, by the same token it could suck donkeyballs. Only time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Out Of My Mind

  1. I’ve read Out of my Mind. My (12yo) daughter read it and recommended it. It was SO good – from the descriptions I thought maybe the author might have CP and it was semi autobiographical (she doesn’t and it wasn’t).
    It could go either way with Disney, but it’s got potential to be great.

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