They Have To Go

It is now apparent that the current prime minister of the United Kingdom is a man who thinks he has a right to break the law, leading a political party who will defend him no matter what, regardless of his crimes. This afternoon it was put beyond doubt that Boris Johnson not only broke COVID lockdown rules, playing fast and loose with them as if they didn’t apply to him, he then knowingly lied to parliament about doing so. To add insult to sickening injury, the Tory Party now seems to be closing ranks behind him, pretending nothing has happened and asking us all to move on. If they had a shred of honour among them, let alone respect for either the law or any of our feelings, they would all be demanding Johnson’s resignation. But they don’t and aren’t. This is a group of people, born into privilege, who think they have an innate right to power, no matter how badly they hurt or insult anyone else. To a man they are manifestly unfit to be in the government of any western democracy; the events of this afternoon has put that beyond all doubt. They will continue to run roughshod over the law, bending and distorting any rule they need to to suit their own selfish, arrogant ends. I honestly believe something must be done. As much as I advocate democracy, any objective person would surely say that this group of people is not governing the country for the good of all, and so is utterly unfit for political office. If we truly love our country and care about our collective futures, we have to do something to get the tories out of office as soon as possible.

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