An Utterly Insane Suggestion

Just how insane does someone have to be to think that the best way to prevent school shootings is to arm teachers so that they can shoot back? When I heard that Donald Trump has proposed just that earlier, my jaw hit the floor in disbelief – I’m sure most other people’s jaws did too. Having studied psychology to a certain extent, I know how disabling and serious mental illness can be, so I don’t use the word ‘insane’ lightly; but what Trump proposed at the NRA meeting is obscene. It surely betrays an unhinged mind. While Trump might have been playing to his audience, his comments suggest a highly disturbed mind and extremely distorted sense of reality, one in which the only way to combat violence is with yet more violence.

The web is now rife with memes reminding us that the only place where such horrific massacres occur is in America, where guns are so easy to get hold of; and that they almost never happen in countries with strict, sensible, firearms laws. In the UK, for example, the last such shooting was in Dunblane. Soon after, struct handgun laws were introduced and there have been none since. The only way to prevent these atrocities is to remove such harmful weapons from society, and thus stop people intent on harming others from getting hold of them. That seems blindingly obvious to me, so how on Earth could anyone seriously propose that the solution isn’t to remove these weapons from circulation, but to introduce more of them. All that will happen then is that guns would become more and more commonplace, and society becomes more, not less violent. Arming teachers is a truly disturbing idea, and it’s beyond belief that anyone has seriously suggested it. What concerns me more, though, is that there are people who actually agree with Trump.

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