Immeasurable Stupidity

I was brought up using metric measurements. Although I sometimes refer to distances in miles, the truth is I have no real idea how long a mile is. At least with the metric system I know how long a metre is, and that a kilometre is a thousand metres. That, to me, seems sensible, as does having the freezing point of water at zero degrees and it’s boiling point at a hundred. These basic, logical figures are what I grew up with, and I’m sure the same goes for the vast majority of people born after, say, 1980. Why oh why, then, are the Tories now talking about bringing back imperial measurements? Do they not realise that it would be completely foreign to most people nowadays? More to the point, it would make doing trade or working with any other country a thousand times more complex. The tories are obviously desperate to distract everyone from the fact they are a bunch of rule breaking scum, as well as to throw some red meat to their core vote, so they’ve introduced this anachronistic idea to appeal to them. Yet that does not stop it being an act of utter stupidity.

Whether anything will come of this moronic scheme of course remains to be seen, but if it does I think we should all keep using the metric system. I certainly plan to. The Tories want to look like they’re taking the country back to some kind of golden, independent past which never really happened; so rather than fall for their con I think it’s now more important than ever that we continue to use the measurements we were educated using, and which are used by our European neighbours. At least then we will show that we won’t be duped by a charlatan who should have resigned days ago.

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