Scrap the Eleven Plus (again)

Yesterday on YouTube I came across a video of a young American woman attempting to do the eleven plus practice exams. To be honest, if you ask me the Eleven Plus should have been consigned to history long ago: streaming children at the age of eleven is obviously just a way for the Tories to perpetuate class divisions. They have obviously reintroduced these exams in order to take us back to the dark days of social stratification. Under such a system, only kids who have parents with the time and resources to teach them, to make sure they are up to speed with english and maths, will have any chance of passing the test and getting into a decent school. It’s just a sickening way to set in stone the social inequality which lies at the heart of conservatism.

Watching the YouTube video yesterday, though, it became clear just how fucked up the Tory education system now is. The questions were staggering; there was no way I would expect a normal eleven year old to know such things: stuff like quite complex algebra, which I didn’t come across until I was fourteen or fifteen at least. Of course I’m not an expert in such things, so please take a look at the video I’ve linked to and tell me if I’m not being realistic. But surely streaming kids at such an early age according to whether they know such advance things only reinforces class inequality.

Why should we all have to sit back and watch as the Tories turn our society into a neo-Victorian hell where the rich, spoiled few oppress and exploit the disenfranchised many? I say again: none of these arrogant Tory arseholes are fit to be anywhere near government.

One thought on “Scrap the Eleven Plus (again)

  1. It WAS consigned to history ages ago…and then much more recently brought back to life for some reason. I sat it in 1971 in England (one of the last years at that time to do it) then moved back to Scotland where it had already been scrapped…

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