Crossing the Thames with Mum, Dad and Aunt Toula

I heard in the news this morning that the Emirates Air Line cable car now needs a new sponsor. The ten year contract has now run out, apparently. The cable car is still one of my favourite modes of public transport, and as coincidence would have it, today was the day I went on it with my mum, dad and aunt Toula, visiting in celebration of the events I mentioned yesterday. It was a lovely little trip which we all enjoyed: I love how you can see for miles across the ever changing metropolis as you sort of float, suspended about three hundred metres up, across the Thames. When you follow it, as we did, with a lovely family lunch at the O2, you realise that things like the cable car are part of what makes London special. It may not be that popular or make much commercial sense; it may now be struggling to find a new sponsor. Yet I can’t help loving this iconic piece of modern London.

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