Sturgeon is No Better than Farage

I really, really don’t like Nicola Sturgeon. I think that, for all her left wing pretences, she is just a power-hungry bitch no better than Farage. I have written on here before about how much I oppose the prospect of Scottish independence, and why: I don’t want to repeat myself too much today, but I passionately believe humanity should be coming together, not re-establishing ancient borders and dividing itself into smaller and smaller groups. Thus as I wrote here before the first Scottish independence referendum, I oppose Scottish nationalism for exactly the same reason that I oppose Brexit; and I do so with equal vigour. Both boil down to the same simplistic, arrogant, tribalist mentality.

Sturgeon argues that Scotland voted to remain in the EU Referendum, and is therefore being taken out of the European Union against it’s will. Yet you can argue precisely the same about London: London also voted Remain, by an even bigger margin than Scotland and even has a bigger population. Should the metropolis declare independence from the rest of the UK?

Of course not. Even if we had that option, the only way through catastrophes like Brexit is to remain united. For one small group to break itself off from a larger whole in order to save their own skin, while abandoning the rest of the group to a fate which they too would like to escape but don’t have the option, is nothing but an act of betrayal. I therefore see nothing but treachery and vindictiveness in what Sturgeon wants Scotland to do: it’s as if, having failed to have been granted the power she clearly craves the first time, she now intends to ask for it again, and will obviously do so until she gets what she wants, wannabe despot that she is. In her we can see the same self-importance, the same vainglorious desire for power and authority, that we find in Farage, Trump and Johnson.

If that’s the case, two can play such games. I personally think that, if Scotland declares independence, all NHS infrastructure should automatically be moved out of Scotland south, back into the remaining parts of the UK. After all, the NHS is an institution of the United Kingdom, payed for by UK taxpayers. It should not be usurped or stolen by other, separate nations. Thus, if it is stupid enough to do so, as soon as Scotland divides itself from the rest of the UK, all NHS infrastructure, from ambulances to equipment to hospital beds, should be returned to the UK. And I don’t care how childish or petty that may sound: nationalism is nationalism, and aught to be outgrown. The Scots need us just as we need them, so re-erecting ancient borders in order to claim a right which they would deny the rest of us, is nothing but folly.

8 thoughts on “Sturgeon is No Better than Farage

  1. Look if I had an idiot friend who kept on saying and doing stupid things, was horrible and unkind and alienated me from all my cool friends, there would be a point where I would be “fuck this I’m out”. I fundamentally believe that should Scotland gain independence it will be a better country for it and will offer its people more. As a leader, why would you not choose this option? Some stupid sense of sticking together. This ship is sinking. Lucky for Scotland it has a life boat.

    The argument about London is stupid. 1) it’s not a country 2) if it was it would no doubt be wanting and vying for independence.


    1. No, Scotland is jumping into the lifeboat, hogging it all to itself, and knowingly leaving the others to drown. I passionately believe in unity rather than tribalism and just looking out for yourself. Yes, the UK is in a mess, but only by sticking together can we all get out of that mess. What Sturgeon wants is just to care about her own tribe while leaving others to suffer.


  2. Ooh, you have made comments like this before, and I have replied before so I’ll keep it brief. You clearly know very little about Scottish history, or the history of the UK as a whole and how England has systemically “controlled” the other 3 nations, in one way or another, for a few hundred years…to great human cost. I do, up to a point, see some of your concerns about the need to pull together rather than pull apart. But it is a great deal more complex than that, and to equate NS with NG is basically ridiculous.
    Nationalism can indeed be a very dangerous position to hold, but it isn’t always…Ukraine for example (and you’ll probably say that’s poor example because it is a separate country from Russia, just defending itself…but in many ways so is Scotland (not London though!)) and so it needs far more measured consideration.


    1. With respect, I think my opinion is very considered and measured indeed. Of course, in the past Scotland has been treated atrociously by various British governments, but that is no reason to revive old rivalries and tear the union apart. There is nothing more to this than a basic thirst for power: Scotland resents playing second fiddle to England, or rather, it resents having to go through England to exert itself. Jealous of England perhaps, Scotland wants to regain the stature and autonomy that it thinks it once had; or rather sees in England and thinks it should have. Those are exactly the same instincts which underpinned brexit, which is why I say both boil down to the same kind of acrid nationalism.


  3. “Scotland resents playing second fiddle to England, or rather, it resents having to go through England to exert itself. Jealous of England perhaps, Scotland wants to regain the stature and autonomy that it thinks it once had; or rather sees in England and thinks it should have.” And there you have you’ve just neatly summed up why we do NOT actually have a united Kingdom! Not quite what you intended I very much doubt, but exactly why so many of us who are not actually SNP, have more sympathy than we have ever had…. And I am not sure what you mean by “the autonomy it thinks it once had”…it DID! Until the union of the crowns in around 1603. Scotland has never been part of England. I could say a lot more but I won’t, but you should realise that some of the phrases you have used here leave a very bad taste and are tantamount to a sort of racism as you appear to be tarring the whole of Scotland and its people with a very negative brush based on a pretty skewed view of British history.


    1. Rereading what you wrote here having chosen to give it a rest, none of what I wrote is ”tantamount to racism” or comes close to racism in any way. Nationalists such as those in the SNP have far far more in common with racists and bigots than I ever will. i oppose Scottish independence because I oppose division, I oppose re-erecting ancient, needless borders. Reading them again, I find your comments here deeply hurtful and totally baseless.


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