Starmer Has Pissed Me Off

As I’ve written on here many, many times, I passionately oppose Brexit. Humanity should be coming together, not re-erecting ancient borders and re-enforcing outgrown divisions; and while it had it’s faults, the EU was one way of us doing so. Brexit to me is a crime designed to rob us of our human and consumer rights. It must be resisted at all turns, as passionately and vigorously (albeit nonviolently) as we would resist an occupying army. I am thus very, very pissed off at what Kier Starmer said yesterday. To state that the Labour party now backs Brexit and will not campaign to rejoin the EU is nothing but a betrayal of everything we on the liberal, internationalist left should stand for. Opposing Brexit should be our top priority: we are already seeing the vast damage it is doing to the UK economy; British citizens can no longer live and work in Europe just it is now much more difficult to attract migrant workers from Europe; and the Tories are about to put a match to our rights. Yet Starmer wants to attract voters, or rather, he does not want to deter the kind of barely literate, barely conscious morons all too easily duped into voting Leave from voting for Labour, so he’s trying to placate them by abandoning the fight to rejoin, spouting bull about “making peace with Brexit”. The problem for him is, that is an utter, utter betrayal of what most Labour voters believe in, and will turn many of us against him. I for one am now furious, and can never forgive the traitorous scumbag for this.

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