Sandwich vs. Butty

This morning I had brunch in a nearby place called The Depot. It’s one of those new pubs which sells good coffee in the morning, good beer in the evening, and decent beer all day. Long story short, I was dying for something to eat earlier, so the first thing I did when I got through their door was to type into my iPad that I wanted a cappuccino, a pint of orange juice and a bacon sandwich. I then went to set myself up at a nearby table.

My order was duly brought to me – and very good it was too. As I was eating my brunch though, it occurred to me that I had asked for a ‘bacon sandwich’ rather than a ‘bacon butty’. Growing up in the North-West of England, I had always heard them referred to as buttys; yet these days, after over ten years in London, ‘sandwich’ seems to be my default name for them. That is what they are called around here. Yet as I was tucking into my brunch, it struck me that ‘sandwich’ just didn’t seem right: of course, things like cheese sandwiches and jam sandwiches are fine, but somehow, grilled pieces of bacon between two thick-cut slices of bread should always be referred to as a butty.

With that, I determined to make it my mission to convert the capital. I want to get everyone calling bacon buttys, buttys or butties. Telling someone that you had a bacon sandwich for breakfast just doesn’t sound right. London seems to have so much of a say over the rest of the UK culturally, it would be good to see the metropolis adopt something from The North.

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