Not As Hot As Florida

I remember Florida. I remember, in about 1995 or ‘96, my parents took me and my brothers to Florida on holiday. A couple of years before, my dad had more or less been forced to promise to take me there after I had refused to leave Disneyland in California, jamming my wheelchair breaks on until I was sated with the prospect of a return visit. That’s how we came to visit Florida

The main thing I remember from that trip is the heat. The heat from the Florida sun was unbearable, at least for people like us, used to much milder British summers. I think the problem was the humidity which came with it. I remember feeling desperately uncomfortable as soon as I left anywhere which was not air conditioned. That was real heat.

Going out trundling today, I thought about that trip. It is hot, of course; yet the heat isn’t stifling like it was in Florida, or India for that matter. I could bear it without feeling the urgent need to return to somewhere cooler.  What concerns me, though, is what may be to come: if this is just the beginnings of a trend which sees temperatures get hotter and hotter, year on year, it won’t be long until things are indeed unbearable, and the hot weather poses quite an overt obstacle in how we live our lives.

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