I just tried going out. Having spent yesterday at home out of fear of something going wrong in the heat, I was getting fed up of YouTube and Facebook, so I chose to risk going for a short walk. I have described on here before how much I like to get out and about, but the problem is there’s a lot that can go wrong: I fear my powerchair motors could overheat, or my iPad, which I keep strapped to my lap, could be permanently damaged in the sun. Yet there is only so much I can take of these four walls; and besides, I had shopping to get.

As soon as I went out of my front door I could feel the heat: it was quiet astonishing. Before I left I checked with John: the temperatures we experienced in India got to around 45 or even 46, compared to the 38 or 39 we’re currently experiencing. Yet somehow today felt hotter, as if a wave of heat hit me as soon as I opened my door. I instantly regretted my decision, but decided to persevere: I still had things to do, and still didn’t like the idea of staying home all day. As uncomfortable as it was, life had to go on.

In the end I got home in one piece. I first went to The Depot again for a cool, refreshing Coke, then up to Eltham for my groceries. I tried to be as careful as I could be, driving in the shade wherever possible. It wasn’t a particularly long trip, but when you know that there is a chance that your powerchair could suddenly cut out due to the heat, or your communication aid could burn out leaving you effectively voiceless, it leaves you almost constantly on edge. Of course, in the grand scheme of things these are relatively minor problems when it comes to climate change; yet if the temperatures we have experienced over the last two days are indeed a sign of things to come, I think we should all be very concerned.

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