A Great Example of International Cooperation

I really want to flag this remarkable story up today. “Brazilian twins who were joined at the head have been successfully separated with the help of virtual reality.Three-year-olds Bernardo and Arthur Lima underwent surgeries in Rio de Janeiro, with direction from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.” That such a procedure could be performed at all is amazing in itself, of course, but what strikes me most about it was how international the effort was. Doctors from all around the world worked together to prepare for and conduct a twenty-seven hour operation in which a hundred people were involved. Mostly working over the web, they combined the knowledge and expertise of dozens of professionals to save the two boys. For me, surely the biggest thing we can take from this is the importance of cooperation: nationality didn’t matter to these professionals; what mattered was helping the boys, irrespective of where they were from. Surely that is how all medicine and science should be conducted. I have long felt that humanity should start seeing beyond borders, beyond nationality and start working together. This is a prime example of that principal in action.

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