Another Embarrassment to Humanity

Alex Jones really is an embarrassment to human civilisation, isn’t he? Apart from an odd glimpse, I’d never really seen him ‘in action’ before – I try to avoid such nutcases. But I just saw a news report on the Sandy Hook trial which Jones was involved in, and the guy is an utter dick. He was found guilty of spewing bullshit, and ordered to pay $60m for falsely claiming that the Sandy Hook massacre was a set-up. Yet to watch Jones act, you would think he was the victim: he was trying to squirm and twist things to make it sound as if he had been right all along, he was in charge of things and everyone else was out to get him. We see precisely the same behaviour in Donald Trump: Jones, like Trump, is an ultra-privileged white male who vastly overestimates his own intellect and who has had far too much media attention for his own good. And like Trump, Jones is an embarrassment which humanity could well do without.

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