nice day

It’s a nice day, and should the cloud cover we’re currently experiencing go, it should be a scorcher. Pretty much the first this year/ on days like this, I like to get out and about, for while I can spend hours behind my computer, surfing the web, I like to get out and about. I woke up this morning and thought it a perfect day to go out on my F55 wheelchair. While I am fine walking about the house, where there are plenty of soft things to land on should I fall, going outside is another question. The answer is the Defiant, named after a ship in star trek; a fairly nippy little chair which allows me to roam independently as far as Swettenham.

So, I got up, dressed, and during breakfast asked Luke if he could get my chair out of the garage. He asked me if I had dad’s permission. This is a problem – I have no doubt dad would say yes, and that it was fine for me to go a-roaming, provided I had made a blog entry. Recently, he’s been reminding me to make more entries for some reason – I think he just wants something interesting to read when he’s at work.

The problem isn’t that writing blog entries is a chore: it can be very interesting, and somewhat relaxing. When I am writing about something which interests or angers me, writing is very easy, and about three hours later, I have a page of fairly eloquent text to add to my blog. For example, a recent entry on inclusive schooling was banged out one afternoon after a conversation on MSN Massager with my friend Becca. I feel very strongly about that subject.

The problem, however, is finding a subject interesting enough to write about. I could go off on one of my political rants, but they might be getting lame; I could launch into a tirade against bush, but I think most people who are reading this know what the W in his name stands for, and anyway I need to read up on the 9/11 report before I can write again on that subject with any authority. I also need to read the Butler report.

Which brings me to a second subject which I could have a good rant about. This week saw Tony Blair talking in the commons with more authority than he has had in quite some time. His party seem to be behind him again, and chances are that he’ll regain some of his popularity. The question is, how did Blair do it? Of course, he is greatly helped by the Tories being in such an amusing shambles: most media commentators say Blair trounced Michael Howard in the commons on Tuesday, and I personally like to think his days are numbered as Tory leader. How, then, after Blair lead the country into a deeply unpopular and barely legal war, can he be allowed to escape? When labour’s popularity should be at an all-time low, the opposition leader insists on making ludicrous comments along the lines of “if I knew then what I know now, then I wouldn’t have supported the war”, and then going on to say that he still supports the war. Eh? How can anyone make such a stupid comment, and expect to win the confidence of voters? Its quite funny, really.

Also, I heard quite an alarming report this morning on the BBC which stated that global warming posed ore of a threat to us than terrorism. This I do not doubt, and, like many people I find it worrying. We need to do something about global climate change. Why, then, do conservatives, and particularly conservative Americans, ridicule those people who care about the environment as hippies? They seem to thing their right to drive hugely polluting vehicles outweighs their duty to the environment. They care ,=more about the war on terror because they get to shoot things.

There are many more things I could rant about here, like affairs in Israel and Africa, and peter mandleson, but as I said, it’s a lovely day, and I’m off to watch the cricket!

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