The other day, I was looking up stuff about brian lara, tthe west inddies cricket captain. Do you know he once scored 500 not out? I mean, that is mucho impressive.

[btw england just got lara out. its 178-4] anyway, I found a site which suggests cricket isactually played in the states! ha. I wouldn’t have thougt they had the ppatience, but this generalisation may be wrong.

yet, on second thoughts, the generalisation may be accurate: test-mach cricket is quite a slow sport, whiich requires patience to play. if american forign policy is anything to go by, the americans seem too eager to have tthingshappen at that moment. they rush all over tthe world, seeking members of a loose organisation, rather than waiting for them to make a mistake. if u set your field too aggressively, u sttand to get struck by ttthee ball on your head.


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