adress to Republicans

Some time ago I made you (all?) aware of a Harry Potter-based Fanfic called Summon the Lambs to Slaughter. This novel is of great interest to me in that it explores the very nature of good and evil, by portraying a character conventionally thought of as evil as actually working for good. The main protagonist has cerebral palsy (CP), but Snape’s bitterness and hostility towards her actually benefit her by forcing her not to rely on the gadgets and gizmos she is usually afforded.

In the story, what is thought of as evil (and, frankly, inhumane) is actually seen by the protagonist as good. Thus the story vividly explains why ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are blurred. Thus I find it absurd for the republicans to be talking in such terms. To portray oneself as ‘fighting evil’ is as juvenile as it is arrogant, and no doubt bin laden sees himself as doing the same. The war on terror is not Tolkien’s War of the Ring, nor is it the fourth world war. Bush is neither Frodo nor Churchill, and to view terrorists as another Hitler is a gross oversimplification. They know no borders, and I fear that they will multiply as America romps so eagerly throughout the world in it’s current crusade.

For, like it or not, religion is a major part of this war. I am an atheist: I see no evidence of a god, save for his venom. At school, I saw kids suffer and struggle for life while the teachers fed us platitudes and kept us away from the public. And I ask myself: “what God would allow this?” God is not there, and for the republicans to prey to him as they fight this war against Evil is merely a sign of their stupidity. Religion is for the weak. Republicans use it as an excuse for their tunnel-vision –their belief in a free-market economy, which breeds only greed and corruption at the expense of the majority. Socialism may not work, but one of it’s downfalls was the greed an selfishness of humanity.

Another example of the sheer childishness of the people attending this convention was the way Moore was booed, like kids booing the villain at a pantomime. He dares to question your views, tries to make you look outside the tunnel: maybe America isn’t the great land your fathers said it was. Maybe it is corrupt and flawed, like any other country on earth. Admittedly, it no longer has the highest crime rate (I just looked it up.) Yet you condemn Moore as a traitor for speaking his mind and questioning dogma.

You criticise Kerry while supporting a man who has seen no battle. You were so eager for vengeance for 9/11 that you believed the claptrap about the links between al qa’ida and Iraq: links which amount to a few money transactions and a hospital stay. It is almost as if you want to prove to the world how big and macho you really are, after someone kicked you in the nuts. Have you ever wondered why you got that kick, other than the typical “they hate our freedom”. Well, maybe they do, but if so they are fools and deserve only to be ignored.

I have written enough. Let the fools play soldiers.

the super-able

Just a little thought: no doubt you’va all seen the film ‘unbreakable’ (rather crappy, innit?) which proposes that, if superheroes exist, so do their antithisis. I’ve been recently wondering about something similar with reference to the olympics. The gymnastics got me thinking – there are these athletes who can perform these superhuman feats, jumping and spinning through the air in unfathomable ways, and on the other hand, there’s me who tripped over his own feet, and chaps like my mates at school, who can barely control their bodies. I’m not aying that I necesarily envy the gymnast, But I just think it srange that they seem so opposite to people like me.

dull day

I can think of very little to write about, today. Tomorrow I should be going to another meeting about inclusive schooling, so that should give me something to rant about, but today is grey and overcast. It’s the type of day you just want to put Michael Palin videos on, and forget about the weather, but then I’d feel guilty about not writing anything. I’ve just been to La Guerra’s blog, where tethers a long essay about Metalica, which made me feel guilty even more.

So, I could launch into a diatribe about politics, but my dealings with certain yank conservatives have made me question my political stance. Now I’m not sure that my usual stance of All Tories Are Eejuts is true, because they say I need evidence for it. I know they’re wrong, but cant explain why, which kind of makes me uneasy.

When I was little and felt like I do at present, I’d simply go ask mum and dad for a cuddle. I kind of feel insecure, but I’m unsure why. I could just be bored. I’m a bit worried about university, too, but shouldn’t be because I should be looking forward to it. Its just a step into the unknown, away from home, etc.

Anyway, I feel a bit better now I’ve written this. It has, for one thing, shut that little part of me that accuses me of being lazy up. For some reason, it always sounds like my mum!


I got my results today. I was quietly confident, but apprehensive at the same time, if thats not a paradox. anyway, I wasn’t prepared to hear that the four d’s I needed were, in fact, 1c, 2 b’s and an a. yes, you read right: the cripple, ill-informed by about 12 years at a dumping-ground speciial school, is off to university. Mind you, I need to work on my planning skills: South cheshire college don’t give results out over the phone – I’d banked on them doing so, either that or Luke being availlable to take me 7 miles to crewe. Niether did they give results over the phone, nor was my brother so disposed. fortunately, dad went in to pick them up, and so he phoned home to tell me the best results I ever had.

cripples going to university? my, these exams are getting easy!

can arniie do shakespeare?

I watched Baz lurman’s Romeo and Juliet last night. My cousin’s over, and he and Luke were watching tripple X downstairs. I have no interest in the latter film, as I see it as an attempt to basicaly turn bond into an american. besides, it had been ages since I’d seen any shakespeare.

I must say, mrr lurrpack did a fine job. he stuck splendidly to the script, and although he had mercutio in drag as he spoke his most exquisite soliiiloquy, it was the joy to watcch. He did the seemingly impossible in merging shakespeare’s language with the modern world, but I think this was partly doone through a very rich, ornate mise-en-scene. in other words,the lavish sets and rather novel camera work bridged the gap between the elizebethen language and modernity. Thus, although it no oubt baffled many people, I think the directors choice to use the original script was a good one, but only because the cinimatography was eqully exotic.

however, there was one drawback to this film, and that was the casting of leonado de crapio. the man’s a wuss! Ok, he didn’t fluff his lines, but he just seemed too girly for the part – too weak. Mind you, casting a stonger male lead would have been a bigger mistake: imagine arnie saying “what light through yonder window breaks? Hasta la vista, julie”. No.

all in all, though, ts a damn good movie, and lurman is to be commended simply for opting to sticck to the origional text. more of the same would be nice.

doom 3

Luke bought doom 3 today, and I’ve just been watching him play. I always watch my brothers play, since I find such games too fiddly to play myself, requiring the co-ordination of both hands. Its not that I’m particularly jealous of their ability to play: in fact, I probably get as excited as they do, just from watching.

Anyway, this game is sooooo cool! The graphics are like nothing I’ve seen in a game before, and are comparable to those found in a film. I mean, the monsters have shadows! One thing’s for certain: it’d scare mum to death!

If anyone wants me, I’ll be in Luke’s room watching him play!

dear denny

I wrote the following to denny wilson, explaining my opinion of the war on terror.

Of September the eleventh, 2001

I remember it quite clearly. I had just turned 19 – the age of your nephew – and had began college that week. Because of the abysmal quality of British special schools, I lacked the qualifications to go to university, so September 2001 saw me starting two courses at Macclesfield college, about six miles from my house. The first two days were half days, filled with activities for students to get acquainted with the new surroundings. It was very different from the rather mothering environment of school, which had been more like day-care than education.

The 11th, you will recall, was a Tuesday. I had been brought home in time for lunch. Unusually, both my parents were home from work, perhaps keen to see how I had got on, and after lunch Dad began flipping through satellite television channels. I was slouched in an armchair, not very interested in the television, when dad switched to CNN, and I saw the first tower smoking in the autumn sun.

“A Cessna” I thought, “some idiot in a Cessna had crashed his plane into the tower!” We watched the smoke rise and cover New York, and then a second plane hit. This was no accident; the world had changed.

At that moment I felt personally grieved. I had been up those towers. I had also seen the beauty of the American country; smelt the sequoias up in the Rockies; I had been to a baseball match and had loved every moment; I had read the novels of Hemingway and Twain; in short, I loved America and its people. How could anyone do such a thing? How could anyone hijack a plane and murder so many people in cold blood?

For, regardless of America’s actions abroad, it was in cold blood that those attacks were carried out. At school, I had been around people who had fought so hard for life, many of whom would not reach their twenties. How could these terrorists just throw their life away – not only theirs but those of hundreds more, and for a faith for which they have no proof? I resolved that these people are the antithesis of my friends, whom I regard so highly: these people are scum.

I maintain – and this I swear – that I still love the United states. I love to travel, and would go to your country tomorrow, if I had the chance, although this applies to just about anywhere. I mean no harm to her people: yourself, your sister, and especially not your nephew. However, I would argue that criticising American foreign policy and criticising it’s armed forces are not the same thing, and I know that the latter is doing a fine job.

Yet how can I feel so aggrieved at the atrocities of September the eleventh and not support the war on terror? This, I admit, is a bit of a paradox. There is no doubt that we must prevent another such atrocity. But if we go out and actively seek to kill terrorists, I fear that the fundamentalists will be angered so much that their numbers will swell, rather than deplete. Over the last few days we have seen militancy growing in Iraq, with some reports claiming a death toll of 300. both the CIA and MI5 have, apparently seen evidence of more terrorist preparations, which must be stopped.

Like Hitler, the terrorists must not be appeased, but unlike Hitler, they cannot be invaded. They have no territory we can invade, no battlements we can storm. Attack, and their numbers may multiply; do nothing and they will attack. Bush chose the former, but I would argue that the latter sends out a stronger message: we will not be cowed and continue with our lives regardless. Try to swat a fly, and one will anger it further till it stings again, but stay still and ignore it, and it will fly off.

Nevertheless, please accept this letter as my apology. I have learned many things from your site, and although I still believe that the government, as an extension of the people, is the best way to achieve some kind of equality, I have learned many things from reading your entries. Yours truly, Matthew Goodsell

peter jackson vursus the munchkins

I never thought I’d say this, but I feel guilty about doing nothing. I’ve had about three weeks of holiday, during which time I’ve done absolutely zilch…. Well, not exactly nothing: I just feels that way because I haven’t had any college work.

So, what the smeg have I been doing? Well, for one I’ve been looking up about a few of my favourite directors, especially peter Jackson. I’ve a lot of respect for him – although Lord Of the Rings was not an exact copy of the book, it seems to me that every effort was made to stay true to Tolkien’s work. Perhaps the most obvious evidence for this comes from the fact that he decided to keep the narrative divided into three parts. He could very easily have just condensed the film into one, given that it can largely be seen as one large story. This fact alone shows that Jackson was very serious about adapting the book, and also that he was highly confident that it would sell cinema tickets. Obviously, most sequels are made after the initial film has been proven a success, and that initial film is usually a self-contained narrative with beginning, middle and end (think The Matrix or Star Wars) but Lord of the Rings (LOTR) is rare in that it was made as a trilogy, and Fellowship of the ring was only a beginning. I cannot think of any other example of this. Jackson was gambling that fellowship would sell, and hook audiences enough to bring them back the following year. In the fickle world of the film industry, the stakes were very high indeed.

But Jackson’s gamble paid off, and he made it do so. He re-created the rich world of Tolkien for film, staying faithful to Tolkien’s creation. He incorporated his languages, maps, chronologies into the film: he maintained the integrity of the books. On my wall hang posters with the original ring poem in it’s elvish form. I am thus satisfied that Jackson succeeded in transferring the books to screen.

The thing is, it may have been so different. For example, what if Disney had beaten Jackson to it? No doubt, such a company would have just made one film, romanticised and Americanised! Look at what such companies do to stuff like Aladdin and Cinderella. Oh god, it’d have looked like the Wizard of Oz! the hobbits would have been like frikkin munchkins! AAARGH! all I can say is thank Illuvitar for peter Jackson and his beautiful native New Zealand! Surely his trilogy stands alongside stuff like Star Wars in the annals of cinema history.

All this pondering over peter Jackson lead me down some weird channels of thought. If a book like LOTR, can be filmed so well, surely anything can be filmed.

Yesterday, I was reading up on Jackson, and discovered that they’re intending to make a film out off….guess what…..[huge spastic grin]…The magic roundabout! Holy shit! How cool is that? I hope Quentin Tarrintino directs it! That’d rule.

Also, I read on Sunday that Matt Stone And Trey Parker are making another film, this time wwith Puppets. It’s called team America, and they haven’t released too much information on it. As far as I can gather, its another of their obscene political satires about post 9/11 America, and it takes the mick out of characters as diverse as bush and Moore. It should be good.

But I’m yet to see Farrenhiet 9/11, I, Robot and a bunch of other films. Time to go harass my brother into taking me o the cinema.