I got my results today. I was quietly confident, but apprehensive at the same time, if thats not a paradox. anyway, I wasn’t prepared to hear that the four d’s I needed were, in fact, 1c, 2 b’s and an a. yes, you read right: the cripple, ill-informed by about 12 years at a dumping-ground speciial school, is off to university. Mind you, I need to work on my planning skills: South cheshire college don’t give results out over the phone – I’d banked on them doing so, either that or Luke being availlable to take me 7 miles to crewe. Niether did they give results over the phone, nor was my brother so disposed. fortunately, dad went in to pick them up, and so he phoned home to tell me the best results I ever had.

cripples going to university? my, these exams are getting easy!

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