can arniie do shakespeare?

I watched Baz lurman’s Romeo and Juliet last night. My cousin’s over, and he and Luke were watching tripple X downstairs. I have no interest in the latter film, as I see it as an attempt to basicaly turn bond into an american. besides, it had been ages since I’d seen any shakespeare.

I must say, mrr lurrpack did a fine job. he stuck splendidly to the script, and although he had mercutio in drag as he spoke his most exquisite soliiiloquy, it was the joy to watcch. He did the seemingly impossible in merging shakespeare’s language with the modern world, but I think this was partly doone through a very rich, ornate mise-en-scene. in other words,the lavish sets and rather novel camera work bridged the gap between the elizebethen language and modernity. Thus, although it no oubt baffled many people, I think the directors choice to use the original script was a good one, but only because the cinimatography was eqully exotic.

however, there was one drawback to this film, and that was the casting of leonado de crapio. the man’s a wuss! Ok, he didn’t fluff his lines, but he just seemed too girly for the part – too weak. Mind you, casting a stonger male lead would have been a bigger mistake: imagine arnie saying “what light through yonder window breaks? Hasta la vista, julie”. No.

all in all, though, ts a damn good movie, and lurman is to be commended simply for opting to sticck to the origional text. more of the same would be nice.

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