It’s Official – uni rules!

I feel about a g’zillion times better about things this morning, and this is largely due to the events of last night. After my carers had left after tea, at about 7.30, I decided to go over to the university bar. I thought this was a risky business, going out alone, and I felt rather vulnerable – this is why I thought I needed a PA to do such things.

I told you I was a wuss, didn’t I?

Anyway, I got to the bar in tact, and the first thing I notice was that they were setting up for a disco in there, and as such there were two or three security guys in case of trouble at said disco. “aha” thinks I, “a person off authority, whom I can trust. I’ll ask him to get me a beer”. I did, and a while later I was sitting at a table at the edge of the dance floor, a beer in front of me. Smeg, that tasted good!

At one stage, though, one of the security guys asked me if I had a ticket. I hadn’t, so I paid him the £3, which was cool because everyone else had to go back outside to buy tickets. I could stay sat on my arse! Hahaha

Pretty soon I got chatting to a few people. We were talking about what we were studying, whether I was going to dance (I told them about Glasgow), and although there was a typical “what is your condition” question, it was pretty cool. I think strangers get used to me pretty quickly, and within ten minutes we were chatting naturally. I think they were surprised to see me up on the dance floor though.

About half an hour later, the room was getting crowded, and a bit dangerous for wobbly old me. In the corner, there was a security man, standing on a chair, watching for trouble. I sat myself next to him, tugged his leg, and asked for another beer. He got my money, and soon returned with beer, straw and change. I asked him to put it on a nearby table, and got chatting to those around me. I must admit, I saw some very provocatively-clad girls there! Ahem.

I got talking to one girl from Portugal, also doing film, and the rest of the evening was spent just chatting, watching the proceedings, and sipping beer. The disco ended at about 11, and I asked my new friends if they would mind walking me home, as I was still a bit concerned about walking out alone. They did, and after we had said goodnight I was able to put myself to bed ok, making sure the lightwriter was on charge.

Thus, although I reckon I still need a PA, now I know that I can go out myself, the need doesn’t seem as urgent as before. I think I’m going to enjoy university.

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