hbd dad and lyn

I am crap at remembering dates. IT was Lyn’s birthday yesterday and Dad’s the day before, and I totally forgot both of them. I think I’m in the doghouse on both counts. Mind you, yesterday was a busy day, I got quite a lot of work done and then went out in the evening.

Tonight though will be a big night, it’s the last Brandies disco ever. I’m very sad about it. Brandies has always been a bit of a dive, but I’ve had many good nights there, all those Wednesday’s over five years. I remember when in my first year, I plucked up the courage to go out on my own to the bar. I thought I needed a PA, in many ways I grew up that night, and then thee where the nights when I dressed up, freezing my arse off in leotards and God knows what else. Most of all, it’s a place I associate with my friends, sitting by the windows to the left of the stage in one large group. I remember open mike night and Steve singing ‘Sweet Home Alsager’. I remember falling off my chair and having to be taken home early. So many memories.

There’s a feeling that something’s going to happen tonight. It’s a feeling of discontent. I don’t know what’s afoot, but I think it’s going to be big.

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