hope talli’s ok

Sorry I didn’t post a blog entry yesterday – busy day (not that I think anyone’s particularly bothered whether I blog). Friday night was cool: it was emotional, but fairly peaceful. I decided to go all out and stayed from 7 till 2. So there goes brandies bar. Oh well.

My old friend Hanna came. She still has ties with the hockey team, and it was good to see her there, although she was the only one of our old group of friends who came. She had actually been wanting to find me – she recently lost a friend, and she knew I had lost friends too, so she was hoping I’d be able to advise her or something. I just told her to try to avoid being alone, and I gave her lots of hugs. It’s all you can do, really. We were supposed to eat together last night, but she didn’t show up. I hope she’s ok.

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