my week

this works aain, does it? good-o! well, better write something. first, libraries kick ass – been in the uni library lots this weeek. plus, they managed to get me a copy of the now out of print “annie’s coming out” from the british library. how cool is that?! its a seminal work on communication aids and disability rights; its also a bloody good read. I haven’t read for several hours straight since kenneth lynn’s biography of hemingway, but yesterday I read an entire afternoon away. bliss. next, alsager mmu won the interfaculty cup against man met. yaaay. went to see one of the football matches (boy’s 1sts), and we won 3-1. bill invited me along. yaay!

thursday night, the guys took me to a local pub for a bingo night run by a dubious-looking old man. had a great laugh making up on the spot poetry, chatting and getting drunk. last night, went to he charity disco in aid of the tsunami appeal. great fun. danced a lot. at one stage I had a girl on each arm. woohoo. pretty as [censored].

great fun!

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