annies coming out

in litle over 4 days i have finnished a 250-page book, which I haven’t done in ages. its such a great book, by turns life affirming and heatbreakingly tragic. I regret to say that it has imbued me with a distrust of medical doctors – the evidencce that anne macdonald was intelectually competent was abundant, bbut still the doctors of st nickolas’ (the hospital where she lived) refused to believe that she was anything other than severely retarded. apparently, shee had estimatd the speed of light from watching the moon landings, and had worked out pythagoras from the nappies they put her in. how ironic. I myst say that ii admire annes courage, and rosemarry crossley is now simething of a personal hero.

if reports that some 600 kids are still in long stay hospital are correct, it is surrely my/our duty to free them. annes and roses sheer determination and stubbonaess proove tha such feets are possible. whatt a great book. now, however, i must get back to studying…

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