foolish metonym

I have been thinking about the words I used a couple of days ago which some readers objected to. At first, I was looking for ways to justify my use of the word c**t as I feel that any word is a tool to be used; but then I did a bit of analysis. I realised that this word is a metonym – that is, part of something used to stand for the whole of something. Hence the word keel is used as a metonym for a ship. This made me realise how foolish my use of that word was: in effect, it reduced all women to a small part of their anatomy, which is quite abhorrently sexist, and also meant that I was calling mr Cameron a woman, which is very juvenile and foolish, especially since I like womens so much! Indeed, I dress as one sometimes!

Seriously though, I am sorry I used that word; it is a silly word to use, especially given the plethora of other words I could use. I apologise for any offence.

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