today is a good day

Today is a good day – a very good day. I have finally finished my film essay and will hand it in at eleven at Crewe. Hurrah. Not sure about it’s content though: Alan Fair will either think it a work of genius or bin it, decrying my predilection to go off on tangents. I’m just happy its finished, but at the same time I’m rather proud of it. It’s on the extent to which film can be seen as a language; given the chance, I’d like to continue the subject at MA or PhD level, for it is quite fascinating, especially trying to work out the role synesthesia plays in it. I may be wrong, but I think synesthesia may underlie all film form.

Anyway, we also once again won the pub quiz yesterday. Huzzah! Mind you, there were ten of us, so the odds were stacked. In the end, it was won on a tie break, and who else did we get to pick the key but good old switch. I’m a tenner better off this morning, which more than covered the cost of my beers.

University is probably the best thing I ever did – looking back at the shy little individual I once was, I am amazed. Once I was afraid to leave home, but while my parent’s house has it’s creature comforts, I find it too restrictive. I feel more independent than ever before.

Tomorrow I’m off to Paris with some of my film class. While I’m apprehensive, I’m really looking forward to it. Whereas I used to fear going anywhere without mum and dad, non of that fear resides. The demarcation point, I believe, was the berlin trip, for it was then I realised that, given the proper support, I could do anything I wanted. Moreover, it was during my trip to Berlin, that Becca and Kate first came into contact with me.

Those two women changed my life; they convinced me that I was fundamentally no different than everyone else; Becca – I hope she won’t mind me saying – taught me I too could be loved for who I am. It was Kate who introduced me to Onevoice, an organisation with which I’m proud to be involved; in fact it is this aspect of my life which I’m most proud of. I’m happy these two people came into my life.

Anyway, I better get to Crewe to hand that essay in. have a good day everyone.

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