singing in the rain; we’ll always have paris

Wanderlust is a strange thing indeed, for the more you try to quench it the stronger it gets. Now, having returned from Paris last night, it’s stronger than ever. In short, my trip to Paris ruled; it was the trip to end all trips. The six of us who went got on rather well, everyone chipping in with my care, even my lecturer Alan. Must admit, given the hassle we had getting me through the Paris metro I couldn’t help but keep apologising, as I felt guilty. Alan and the guys told me t stop apologising, but I couldn’t help it. I stopped when Alan threatened to give me a third.

Where can I begin to sum up the greatest weekend in the greatest city? It’s impossible! The weather was awful at times, but that did not stop us; the food was brilliant. Goddard is a genius, and the festival was amazing, although the Pompidou centre managed to totally balls up the screening of Weekend. Mind you, it was Goddard, so only we could tell the difference. Heretics!

It was all simply amazing. I loved every minute. Just…WOW! I love Paris, I love my life, I’m just happy!

To Steve, Darren, Jenny, Nat and Alan, thankyou; I love you all.

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