after reading this from the site of a right-wing fool, i jotted te following, and decided thereafter to post it here, as it follows from what i wrote yesterday

Who is this idiot and what fool allowed him his own radio show? What he says is illogical and conceived of base hatred and lack of understanding for the Muslim people. The caller was merely trying to defend his faith in a calm peaceable manner, but this Bortz was only interested in painting Islam as an evil religion. You will note he drowned out any counter-argument the caller might have; ergo Bortz is only interested in his own point of view. Such people never listen to reason or logic.

However, bortz asks where the Muslim condemnation of terrorism is: if you look it is there. Maybe due to the repressive structures of countries in the middle east mass protests cannot be organised, but the vast majority of Muslims are appalled at terrorism. The protests borts wants to see are impossible for various reasons does he want a million Muslims to march down the mall shouting ‘we condemn terrorism’? why, that would be akin to, say, Catholics marching in protest of the inquisition. It would be asinine and humiliating.

Yet the truth is bortz would rather this not happen: he likes having his enemy. He does not want to listen to any argument other than Muslims are evil because that’s what he wants to believe; it means he does not have to look at his own country for thee root of the problem, but can comfortably deflect any blame away from himself. Never mind the fact that America is partly to blame for this whole mess due to its involvement in Saudi Arabia (can we say hypocrisy?) the problem is that Muslims are evil.

How can a faith be evil? All humans need shelter, food and love. An evil, warlike faith would, in the long term, deny it’s adherents this, so eventually nobody would follow that faith. Therefore Islam cannot be evil, and it is illogical to say otherwise.

Thus this extract is nought but the watering of some crass fool, full of self importance but proving himself a base idiot.

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