do they hhave nothing else to write about?

I’m still trying to figure it out. I’ve been trying to organise an advert for a new p.a in the local press, so recently I have been swapping quite a few emails, making sure everything was organised. All normal; just part of a crip’s life.

However, this morning I got an email from the editor: the local paper now wants to run a story on me. This is very odd indeed: apparently me wanting a PA is a newsworthy event. I couldn’t really say no – I suspect it will vastly heighten my chances of getting a PA.

Today being rather hot, I decided to go into town this afternoon to sort this out in person. Anyway, the ad needed paying for and I’d rather not d that via email in case I push the wrong button. So I rolled up to the chronicle office and asked to see someone about the advert. However, they knew exactly who I was and acted as though I was expected.

I first paid for the advert on my visa, which wasn’t a problem. They then introduced me to a young journalist – presumably a trainee – who, once we had found a quieter space, asked me questions like where I was from, what I studied and so on. I even managed to mention my work with Onevoice, simply as a point of pride – I think those guys ought to be ‘bigged up’ more.

Anyway the interview over, I went on my way, highly amused at the truly weird course of events.

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