on adventures eve

I can never sleep the night before an adventure. Tomorrow me and about 17 of my friends head off down to newquay for jo’s birthday, and I can’t wait. I’ve n early start tomorrow – up at 5 to begin the 7 hour drive at 6 – so I’ll be in bed by ten tonight, I think. Although it’s of a quite different nature to the trips I take with my family, it still constitutes travel, the one thing I love most. The thrill of the open road; new places, and new people; eating in restaurants and trying new food; new experiences. I love it all.

As I say, I’m going with friends. They all know me well – well enough to take the piss anyway – so I’m not worried about this. as a cripple you tend to worry; I’m not quite as adept at getting out of scrapes as I might be. Yet not to go would be hypocritical – I preach all this stuff about inclusion, so why not put it into practice. That’s my excuse anyway. Things may get messy here on in: let them!

Its time to live!

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