I got back from newquay yesterday, and me and Charlie slept at a friends last night, so I only got home for Easter this morning. Dad just set my pc back up ready for three weeks of working on my Heimat essay, talking on msn and listening to mp3s. This sounds like fun, but not as fun as newquay was! There is something terrific abut going away with 17 good friends: everyone was buzzing with energy; there was always fun to be had.

Right: first things first. Heads up my roomies – Scott (hereafter referred to as camel) Becky, ness, Emma and the wonderful Charlie. Before I go much further, I better say how impressed I was with c this weekend – I asked her to do some personal assisting this weekend (makes sense to employ someone already going to help you eat, dress etc) and she was so great! I’d just like to express my thanks to her! This is a human being I respect in the utmost, and one of the finest people I’ll ever meet.

Now, time for the detail. No chopper rides this time, but something even better (well, in a way) – a club! Woohoo, did that rule! Saturday night we all got together for a social, then headed to a pub, then a club, then a second bigger club. I was determined not to be a lightweight and be taken home before midnight after two pints of bitter, so I paced myself as well as drinking red bull (something else to give to grandma?). as it turned out, I lasted till half three, outlasting most if my friends. It’s all about the red bull. I’m so pleased with myself for exorcising my lightweight reputation.

As for what happened in said club, I’ll just say it involved pretty 18-year-old girls in nurse outfits, more Tetley and red bull, and oxygen! Oh, and dancing – lots of that! Get this – I outdanced some big fat bald guy! He was trying to show off, which, if you ask me, is asking to be outdanced by a cripple full of red bull andd beer.

I’ve never felt so alive (except in said helicopter). It is a long time since I thought my life was limited by cp; I’m still learning how wrong I was though.

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