I must admit I am rather troubled, and have been all weekend. My friends and I want to go to Ibiza this summer. Charlottes working out there, and there was an embryonic plan to go visit her. Problem is, I don’t know how. I’ve never organised anything like this in my life. Newquay was great, as was Paris, so that is encouraging, yet I can’t help but feel flustered. It’s the small things, like what if my friends organise to go the weekend of 1voice. 1vooice must take precedence, simply as matter of principal (C I suspect would agree). Hence in London, where we went this weekend, I spent yesterday worrying about getting a message to my friends not to book it for that weekend. I felt…well, powerless to be honest.

It’s funny, really. I’m probably blowing such things out of all proportion. If we go, its good; if not, I’m sure c will understand. Its just that I cannot help but fret.

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