Graham Rees’ The Outsider

Before I start this, I better apologise to mum for keeping her up so late, and thank Jo, her dad, Gilles and Maria for the lift home. How lucky I am to have such excellent friends and parents.

However, let me assure you that it was all worth it. Last night I watched (and had a small cameo in) Graham’s adaptation of Camus’ The Outsider. As I wrote on here before, graham lent me the book and then his script to read. First, I liked the book; then, I was very impressed by the script; yet the final piece blew me away. Never have I seen a finer piece of theatre. Never! Graham is my friend, but I am not simply being a sycophant: it was excellent, standing head and shoulders above anything

I have seen at uni,

Most university productions are contemporary theatre, and short. As such, most are abstracted to he point of incoherence. The Outsider, on the other hand, was more akin to traditional theatre inasmuch as it had a discernable plot and ran to about two hours. It also had characters one could believe in. Although I must sat I will never fully understand Mersault, he seemed real flesh and blood, with real (well hidden) feelings. This is ion stark contrast with the dramatis Personae of CTP, which are figments: hollow and random. I must say here that Steve jessop, who played Mersault, delivered possibly the best performance I have ever seen. His eruption at the end was phenomenal – literally jaw-dropping. He played his part to absolute perfection. I was extremely impressed, as were all the audience.

I am unsure whether this was because of the actors or director. From what I saw, both worked their socks off. While the utmost praise is due to the cast, I stand in awe of graham. I saw him create this text – working solidly for eight or nine hours straight sometimes, shaping, polishing and sharpening it. As a writer I was impressed

by his script, but he seems to excel at directing.

I had to miss his production of 100 Years of Solitude – a fact which I still regret – which I had to make certain I saw last night’s performance. As with solitude, graham has imbued me with fresh enthusiasm for the dramatic art. I sincerely hope I can one day work with him again.

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