brown pm, mark phd

What do I write about today? There are two major things going on. The first you all probably know about, the second only my family knows of.

Today Gordon brown becomes PM. This is a good thing. If we leave aside for the moment the Iraq debacle, I like Tony Blair. He’s a little more conservative than I once thought, but his innings have for the most part been a good one. The nhs has improved vastly; disabled people have more rights, such as the right to a good education; employment is up, crime is down. I do not sense the hatred for the government I felt towards the end of the Tory era. Nevertheless, its time for Blair to go he upset a lot of people over Iraq, including myself, and to stay any longer would be undemocratic.

Eyebrows must, however, be raised over the coronation of brown. It is true that he dies not have a mandate from the people, although on the other hand the people reelected Blair in the full knowledge that one day they would see him morph into brown. I think, therefore, that brown must call an electron sooner rather than later maybe next year or the year after.

I just hope the people off this country do not fall for CaMoron. This means that Brown will have to establish himself as authoritative and genuine, in contrasts to CaMoron who changes his manifesto depending of who he speaks to. For me, as a disabled person, brown is the rational choice – the Tories would see us all back in homes and special schools in a money-saving scheme. I am quite certain that, under the Tories, I would not have gone to uni: the support structures I needed, like direct payments, would simply no have been there. It was only under a liberal, left-of-centre (well, nominally) government that a person like me could do so well, leaving as I did with a first class degree as well as friends and memories I’ll cherish forever. If Brown does not get re-elected next time, and are fool enough to fall for CaMoron and his crowd of sycophants and spin doctors (did you see David Davies on Newsnight last night desperately trying to spin the defection of Quentin Davies as a new labour stunt? It is sickening how low Tories will go to distort the truth) then I fear that future generations of disabled people will not enjoy the advantages I did. The fact is that in order to flourish we need the state infrastructures guaranteed only by a left-of-centre government. This is why brown must be re-elected.

In much less worrying business, I go up to Durham tonight to see my big brother mark get his PhD tomorrow. I am, needless to say, immensely proud of him; now I get to call him the doctor. I saw a hard-bound copy of his PhD thesis on Saturday, and was almost as impressed as when I saw that copy of the complete works dad got! I was jealous too – I wanted to be the first brother to be hard bound! Seriously though, all three of us seem to be flourishing. With my first and Mark’s PhD, Luke has a bit to live up to! No doubt that, with the right support structures, he too will excel!

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