more on pride

There is something I would like to clarify briefly tonight. On Sunday, I showed how the idea of pride may be problematic, and I still maintain that I have no more or no less cause to be proud than anyone else, disabled or not. However, I’d still maintain that there is an ‘us’ – that all disabled people, while not being a subculture per se, have between them a network. We share certain experiences; we have struggles which we can only overcome together. The old refrain holds true: united we stand, divided we fall. In a perfect would, where all obstacles are removed to equality (from stairs to special schools) there would be no need for this culture, as we would all exist on the same ‘level’ as anyone else. With the right adoptions, and under the right circumstances, we would not be ‘disabled people’, but just ‘people’.

Mind you, I still think there will always be a need for Onevoice. To me, such institutions exist outside of these arguments. Regardless of whether we are a subculture or not, and outside of all arguments over pride, those kids need role models. After all, that applies to any kid, disabled or not. In a way, 1voice isn’t about disability pride or conunity, but showing kids that they have just as much potential, just as much of a right to be proud of theirselves as anyone else.

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